The Creuse

La-Konnet is located in Rougnat on the foothills of the central massif in the Creuse, a department of the Limousin. The craters and mountains of the volcanic area are a short distance from Rougnat. Peace, space, nature and Limousin cattle are characteristic of this area. We have information leaflets ready for you for the tourist and sporting activities. We also have several beautiful hiking trails in the area for you.

Chateaux and castles

You can visit Châteaux at Boussac, Mazeau, Saint Nectaire and Monteix.

If you do not speak French, you can borrow extensive text and explanations in the English language, among others Châteu de Boussac.

Cities and villages

Montluçon and the somewhat further situated Clermont-Ferrand are the closest larger cities.

Montluçon has a fairly new shopping center with larger stores such as Carrefour, C & A and the like. In the old center you will find large and small restaurants and shops, but also many attractions, next to the larger shops in the main street and in the smaller streets behind them.

Clermont-Ferrand, which is just past the Puy-de-Dôme, has an extensive shopping area with large and small shops. Here is the big Black Cathedral which is built from the black lava stone from Volvic. Very special is the mural in a street to the left of the Cathedral where the mural changes into the existing buildings. A nice example of “Trompe-l’oeil” What is real and what is painted?

The city of Aubusson is best known for carpet weaving. The river “De Creuse” flows through this town, from which the department derives its name. In Catholic France you can find a church in almost every village, varying from simple devotion to grand and overwhelming.

Mountains and volcanoes

From La-Konnet, the mountains, such as the “Puy-de-Dôme” and the “Massif du Sancy” which are about 75 kilometers away, are usually clearly visible. On foot or with a train you can visit the 1464 meters high Puy-de-Dôme. The train runs every hour and in high season every half an hour. Once upstairs (in clear weather) you have a beautiful view over the many craters and mountains around. The Puy-de-Dôme owes its fame mainly to the Tour de France.

Vulcania park is a combination of amusement park and an educational journey of discovery. Approx. 65 km from Rougnat.

Maison de la Pierre in Volvic. Here you can experience the history of how the large black stones were cut from the rocks and transported for the large structures such as the “black” Cathedral in Clermond-Ferrand. Volvic is still known for its pure spring water.

Other activities

You can play golf on various 18-hole courses in Gouzon, Montluçon and Clermont-Ferrand which are located at 25, 50 and 75 km from La-Konnet. You can also fishing in the many lakes (apply for a permit from the municipality). Rowing, canoeing, surfing, “Lac de Vassivière” offers all possibilities. Also near Prémilhat (near Montluçon) there is a lake where various water sports can be practiced. Vulcania located near the Puy-de-Dome is a combination of atraction park and an educational experience. In Saint Nectaire you can visit the cheese factories and the carpet weaving mills in Aubuson. Markets, fairs and flea markets are regularly held in various places. In our extensive folder mill you will always find something of what your like.